• Occidental Park (map)
  • 117 South Washington Street
  • Seattle, WA, 98104
  • United States

About This Workshop

Designers, engineers, inventors, artists, and the like have looked to Mother Nature for inspiration for centuries. In this workshop, we will lean on Mother Nature to help us solve a design challenge. We will begin by having our facilitator, Ashley Karr, speak briefly about Design Thinking and how to use this process to solve design challenges.

Then, we will break into small teams and work on solving a design challenge by drawing inspiration from Mother Nature. Our designed solution will be made completely from found and natural objects. Finally, teams will present their creations to the group.


  • Obtain a thorough understanding of Design Thinking and its benefits for your organization.

  • Understand how to gather inspiration from Mother Nature and how this can help us in our creative endeavors.

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