• General Assembly @ WeWork (map)
  • 500 Yale Avenue North
  • Seattle, WA, 98109
  • United States

About This Workshop

Axure and General Assembly are teaming up to bring you this practical, hands-on workshop to help you and your design team leverage the power of this amazing prototyping program. By the end of this workshop, you will have created a prototype in Axure that behaves similarly to live code - without having to code at all! Beginning to intermediate Axure users will benefit from attending this workshop, which will be lead by veteran instructor Ashley Karr of General Assembly with Rachel Brown of Axure.

The instructors created the course to follow best practices for designers and Axure users, as well as support the "learn by doing" philosophy. The course will begin with the instructors sharing a project brief and persona with the class, and from these documents, your prototype will be built. Your instructors will lead you through creating log in and settings update flows for a web-based application. You will become familiar with Axure's visual and interaction design features, including cases, conditions, and variables. You will leave the course with a medium visual fidelity and high interaction fidelity clickable prototype viewable in a browser and the confidence to use Axure efficiently and effectively on your design projects.


  • Understand the fundamentals of building a prototype in Axure.

  • Understand solid design practices, including developing a prototype based upon a project brief and a persona.

  • Translate a user flow into a series of pages, conditions, cases, and variables that look and behave like a live web-based application.

  • Feel comfortable and confident using Axure to create prototypes with low to high visual and interaction fidelity.

  • A clickable prototype viewable in a browser.

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