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Innovation + Collaboration = Genius!

I am so honored to be a panelist for the upcoming House of Genius in Seattle on April 7th. The goal of House of Genius is to assemble interesting, diverse groups of people to focus their collective creativity and experience to explore, discuss and solve important problems of entrepreneurship. We hold evening sessions once a month in cities around the world.

We bring together a group of 15-18 wide-ranging minds and three business presenters. The three presenters share their business and a key problem they are facing in rapid-fire fashion. Next, each attendee offers questions, insights, suggestions, or introductions that may assist the presenter. The true “genius” is in the collaboration – you’ll be amazed at the power of thinking that is evoked from the structure of the sessions and the synergetic format. This is a televised event and can be watched on UStream, audience interaction is done through live twitterstream.

Image create by SuperAtic Labs for The Noun Project