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About This Class

One of the key components to User Experience Design is usability testing, which allows designers to evaluate a product by testing it on representative users. It is an irreplaceable practice to improve the overall user experience, since it gives direct input on how real users actually use designs. It helps designers and stakeholders empathize with users, create better products, decrease production costs, increase profitability, and decrease potential errors and failures early. Additionally, it aids in the creative process – getting designers out of their heads, away from their computers and offices, and into the real world so that they can see the project from fresh perspective. Most importantly, we can probe and gain insight into why users are doing what they are doing and why problems are happening. We can understand user motivations, goals, attitudes, and beliefs and gather data that suggests possible solutions to usability problems and uncovers additional opportunities.

OK. So you are sold on the importance of usability testing and pumped to learn how to do it properly. You want to be one of the chosen few who know how to actually prepare for and run a user test and use the data gathered from the test to improve the design. In this workshop, designed for project/product managers, developers, designers, investors, and entrepreneurs, we’ll go through the usability testing process step-by-step. Beginning with the preparation for the test, you’ll learn how to run the test, analyze and apply the data to your design, and present your findings to improve your site, app, and or product.


  • Find out how to prepare for and run a user test
  • Learn how to analyze, present, and apply the data gathered in user tests to the design

Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring your favorite design tools (laptop, notebook, pens, pencils).

Image Created by Andy Santos-Johnson for The NounProject