For the Love of Design

I love being a designer. It is fulfilling on many levels; however, this profession is not free of challenges. The biggest challenge that I face is one of energy - that is maintaining a high level of creative energy day in and day out. I have had long and meaningful conversations with friends of mine in the field, and they share the sentiment.

Being a designer, I decided to design our way out of this challenge and create powerful, enjoyable, accessible, affordable doses of design inspiration so that our creative cups can be filled on a regular basis. And so were born the Aha Moment Cards™.

They are beautifully designed cards accompanied by Design Thinking exercises that will help you break through blocks, find inspiration, and discover creative insights. They are made by design professionals to support and encourage fellow design professionals to innovate and creatively problem solve daily. Individuals can use the cards to justify taking a break, create much needed time for introspection, reignite the creative spark, or add fun and spontaneity to their work. Additionally, teams can use the cards for in-person or remote team building and brainstorming sessions. Each set of exercises lists any necessary supplies, which are things that design professionals are likely to have on hand at any given time, and have run times of 20 - 30 minutes.

Inspiration in Your Inbox

You can purchase individual cards for $2, or subscribe for $5 to receive a month's worth of Aha Moment Cards™. Not only will you save money ($3 to be exact), but you will be emailed as soon as a new card is released each Wednesday. This means that every Wednesday, you will receive an email with a link to download our latest Aha Moment Card™as a PDF (for printing) and as an E PUB (for mobile viewing). How exciting!

To Unsubscribe

You absolutely cannot lose, as you can unsubscribe painlessly at any time - no questions asked. We want you to be happy with our product, and if you aren't, then we will wish you well and hope that you can tell us why you decided not to return, so we can continue to learn, grow, and improve. BTW, we use Gumroad to handle our transactions. They're pretty awesome and straightforward in their ways, including their cancellation policies. That said, we're pretty sure that $5 per month for inspiration dropped in your inbox is an incredible deal. We hope to see you on our subscriber list! Thank you for your support.

Dreams -> Reality

It is our hope that the Aha Moment Cards™ become well-loved and well-used resources for design professionals and play an important role in the creation of amazing things for decades to come. Thank you for your support. Happy making!