Design Thinking Boutique is sponsoring House of Genius! We are very excited about this event, and if you are not lucky enough to attend LIVE, you can stream it here:

As you are watching, please participate by using ‪#‎HOFGSEA‬ to post about the event, presenters, or panelists.

For Voting on Startups, please use: 
I want ‪#‎DUCK‬ to win #HOFGSEA ( Wobbly duck studios Eric Nevala)
I want ‪#‎RTF‬ to win #HOFGSEA ( Runway to Freedom Lauren Grinnell)
I want ‪#‎RIPPLE‬ to win #HOFGSEA ( Ripple Paul Stravropoulos)

For Feedback from audience and virtual audience we want them to address the startup hash tag they want and the #HOFGSEA. For example, "#Duck you your pitch #HOFGSEA is amazing."

Thanks so much. Have a lovely day.